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Parc life

An initiative of the Victorian Government, the Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) facilities provide a transition point for people who are becoming unwell, or who are in the early stages of recovery from an acute mental illness. 

Support and treatment is carried out in a residential style setting where clients are encouraged to interact with each other while performing regular activities such as food preparation and cleaning. Great care has been taken to furnish the PARC centres with appropriate items that provide comfort and style while maintaining an element of safety for clients and staff alike. 

HFA recently had the privilege of working closely with Monash Health on various other Mental Health facilities, including: YPARC (Youth) in Dandenong, APARC (Adult) and EPARC (Extended) both in Narre Warren; where we supplied a range of loose and soft furnishings that suited to the specific needs of the facilities.




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