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BlueCross Box Hill is a brand new residence spanning over three levels and combines modern aged care with contemporary living. The design was done in consultation with a Feng Shui specialist to ensure harmonious spaces and an environment that supports optimal health and wellbeing.

Working well within the nominated program HFA offered a complete fit-out of furniture for all amenities include reception, several lounges, dining and sitting rooms, activity areas, cinema, library, retro dining area, private dining room and a café. The 216 bedrooms both single rooms and apartments were also fitted out.  

Product feature in the project include the Belinda dining chair, Dining Tables, Axiom couches, Ashley armchairs, Willow armchairs, Bedside Tables, Cousins coffee tables, Expressions table, Vanessa Private Dining Table, Cardinia armchairs with footstools and Hope tub chairs.


Box Hill


SORA Interiors