Swan XL



Price range

Under $3000

Lead Time

12 weeks


Swan XL is an eye-catching floor lamp. Designed by Eero Aarnio, the Swan XL is a spotlight that provides atmosphere in classic white colour.









Energy saving lamp as standard

Rotational moulded polyethylene

Colour: White


About the Designer

designer image
Based in Finland, Martela is one of the Nordic leaders in the office interior industry. A passion to offer the best workplaces has been guiding the company for almost seventy years. Martela provides innovative and ergonomic furniture solutions and collaborates with renowned designers to ensure style needs are met. Martela ensure pieces are designed with individual expression and variation in a collection yet all parts are able to communicate and are easy to combine. 
about designer EERO AARNIO
Professor, Interior architect,
Association of Interior Architects SIO

Born 21 July 1932 Birthplace Helsinki, Finland

Training: Interior architect, SIO, Institute for Applied Arts (now University Of Art And Design Helsinki), Helsinki, 1954-1957

Exhibitions: 2005 Plastic Fantastic, Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
1991 Masters of Modern Design, IBM Gallery, New York, USA 1979 Design aus Finnland, Asko GmbH, Cologne, Germany
1970 Plastic as Plastic, New York, USA 1968 Fiberglass Furniture, Asko Oy, Helsinki
1970 Eurodomus, Milan, Italy 1966 Eurodomus, Genova, Italy
1964 Triennale XIV, Milan, Italy 1964 7+7 Arkitekter, Stockholm, Sweden
1961 Rattan Stools, Asko Oy, Helsinki
Acknowledgements and awards:
2007 Professor 2006 Interior Innovation Award Cologne, Germany
2005 The Finland Prize, The Ministry of Education, Finland 1999 Honorary member of SIO (Finnish Association of Interior Designers)
1968 International Design Award of the A.I.D. (American Institute of Interior Designers) for Pastil Chair (Gyro), New York, USA 1967 Steel Furniture Competition, Helsinki, Finland, Second Prize
1965 Scandinavian Park and Street Competition, Stockholm, Sweden, First Prize 1964 International Competition on Furniture Design, Cantu, Italy, First Prize
1963 Export Furniture Competition, Helsinki, Finland, Third Prize 1959 International Furniture Competition, Cantu, Italy, Third Prize
1958 Valmet Trade Mark Competition, Helsinki, Finland, First Prize