Static or Dynamic load, what does it mean?

16-Apr-2015 | Press

ECF & HFA have many AFRDI approved products, some of these commercial and healthcare products are even rated to Level 6, including the Flexpoint, Coz, Scope, Tempra Gel and much more.

But what does that mean? 

A Level 6 rating for a chair means that it has been tested and is able to withstand the weight of a person up to 110Kg. 

Many misguided companies may see that the static load rating is 200kg and claim that their chair is rated to 200Kg, but this is simply not true and the mistake lies in the difference between static and dynamic loading. 

Humans are active creatures which means that we have dynamic not static behaviors. Standing up to get your tea, sitting back down, spinning around, and even re-adjusting your chair, we are constantly moving. This creates a dynamic load on your chair which can be up to 3 times the load of your body mass.  A good example found in AFRDI's article is: 'Jump on some scales: someone who weighs only 70 kg can wreck them.  Impact can ‘convert’ 70kg into what is effectively two or three times that load'. 

For more details on dynamic vs static loading download AFRDI's pdf below

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