Office Spaces that work

25-Aug-2017 | Knowledge-Hub

Office spaces are ever evolving in their design and function. With the majority of offices now being open plan, it has created a need for additional quiet spaces and breakout areas.
Open plan offices have become the standard of the modern working environment. 70% of people are now working in an open plan office. One of the major key requirements for open plan offices, is the need to have a quiet space for work requiring complete concentration, a quick meeting with colleagues, or take that phone call in private.
The survey to the right shows that 60% of people cited the lack of sound privacy as the most frustrating aspect of their work environment.
The solution to this has been the creation of ‘breakout spaces’ which encompasses a myriad of solutions including booth seating, private phone boxes, casual sitting areas and bench seating. These spaces have multiple functions, allowing spaces for staff to work away from office noise, provide a space for groups to meet and collaborate, or even take a break and have a coffee.
Visit the ‘Breakout’ section of our website to view some amazing products that provide a range of creative solutions. Some of the products include: Framery, Huddle booth, Huddle Collaborative, Podseat, Podsofa.

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