Deconstructing the words in our industry

21-Jul-2015 | Press,Knowledge-Hub

Product Related Words:

Ergonomic Furniture
Furniture designed to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort by considering scientific principals

Bariatric Furniture
Furniture that can be used for persons who are obese, up to 300kg

Anti-microbial Fabrics
Fabrics used in healthcare that inhibit microorganisms including bacteria, moulds yeast and algae from growing

Anti-Bacterial fabrics
Fabrics used in healthcare that inhibit bacteria from growing

Fabric placed over the back and arms of chairs in order to protect the furniture from soiling.

Synchronised mechanism
A mechanism used in task chairs that allows the backrest to tilt and move relative to the seat.

Soft wiring-
Wiring used to provide power to an individual work point

Starter socket-
A PowerPoint for soft wiring

Ducted screens-
Workstation Screens that reticulate power and data internally

Non-ducted screens-
Upholstered workstation screens that do not reticulate power and data 

Wire basket reticulation 
A wire cable basket designed to allow power and data to be mounted in an organized fashion under the work top

‘H’ leg frame- Leg used on back to back desks to minimize frame intrusion on leg space

‘C’ leg frame- legs used on singe desks to minimize frame instruction on leg space

Technician adjustable- Desks that can be mechanically height adjusted by trained personal

User adjustable- Desks that can be height adjustable by their user via mechanical (winder) or electric (push button)

Sit-stand- Desks that have adjustable height ranges to allow the user to work from a seated or standing position. 

Fixed height- non height adjustable workstations

Materials and finishes

Is a material such as particle or mdf board that another substance, for instance laminate or veneer is applied as a finishing material.

A thin slice of timber that is glued onto a substrate

A decorative surface made from single or multiple layers of paper which are resin forced with thermosetting resins which is then glued to a substrate

Melamine board
Melamine particle board is available pre-finished and made out of paper saturated with glues then pressed together. The surface is then completely sealed, scratch, wear and heat resistant. 

ABS edge –
Plastic impact edge 

Medium density fibre board

High moisture resistance

Moisture resistant

Powder coat-
A polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer.

Is a “brushed” finish applied to steel and gives it a ‘Matt’ appearance 


GECA certified (Good environmental choice Australia)
Are products that are certified are “environmentally friendly”. GECA sets the standard for environmental performance across the life cycle in a way that makes it easy for purchasers to confidently make sustainable choices without costly due diligence of their own. 

Green star Products
Furniture that has been certified by GECA and receives a star rating based on materials used. Favouring environmentally friendly materials

Carbon Neutral certification
Certifies that the product makes no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere this can be through carbon offsetting. 

ISO 14001:2004 certification
Sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified to. It maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.

ROHS standards
Short for Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic. Complaint products are tested for the presence of 6 different dangerous substances.

The Wyzenbeek rating
The Wyzenbeek test is an abrasion test that tests the fabric's ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing. In this test, the fabric is pulled taut in a frame and rubbed in both the warp and weft (filling) directions, using a piece of  #10 cotton duck fabric as the abradant. The number of cycles, or double rubs, completed before the fabric shows noticeable wear is counted and determines the abrasion rating.

Martindale test
Measures durability of upholstery fabrics and determines their suitability for various uses.

AFRDI- Australian Furniture research development institute 


AFL- above floor level

COS- Clear open span

DIMS- Dimensions 

SWL- Static weight load

DWL- Dynamic weight load

SWMS- Safe work Method statement

VOC- Volatile organic compound

MSD- Material Safety Data sheet

JSA- Job Safety Analysis

QA- Quality Assurance

POD- Proof of delivery

ETA- Expected time of Arrival

SOS- Start on site

DC- Distribution centre

PC Sum- Prime cost sum 

CAD- Computer aided drafting or design

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