Framery 'The Shape of Silence'

17-Jul-2017 | Press

Imagine being able to focus on the things you want to achieve.

Imagine being able to communicate clearly – in privacy and silence.

Soundscapes of open-plan offices are frequently too chaotic for our mind to handle and we tend to get stressed. When we can focus on the right things, when our words and thoughts are understood without distractions – only then we have a chance to bloom and prosper.

Framery is here to adjust the most visible wall of every space – the sound.


Framery O

Framery O is perfect office furniture for making important calls, participating in video conferences and having quiet space to focus on demanding tasks.

Framery O is ready to use acoustic pod without hours or days of construction. The booth includes all the equipment you need to make things easy – a table top, air ventilation system, electric socket and LED lighting. Framery O delivers an echo-free, fresh and comfortable working environment.


Framery Q

Framery Q adds space and comfortable accessories for the use of two people, allowing them to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one conversations.

Just like Framery O, Framery Q has all the equipment needed for your convenience, but now for two people. This way both users can benefit from privacy and a soundproof environment at the same time. Framery Q has multiple options for its accessories and office furniture, and it can be installed in any space without massive work.


View the full Framery O Specifications

View the full Framery Q Specifications

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