Flexible Workplace Design

27-Jul-2018 |

The modern workplace is ever evolving as the working culture changes. Influences such as technology, the ability to work remotely, flexible work hours and employee well-being are all significant factors.

Create a comfortable environment

  • Along with an office being functional and fulfilling the basic physical needs of an employee, the aesthetics, psychological needs, and emotional comfort are becoming just as important. Addressing these areas works towards an increase in staff performance and staff retention.
  • People are drawn to workplace environments that they feel comfortable in, just like when decorating a home, choosing a restaurant to eat at or even deciding where to get your daily coffee from, being comfortable and inspired in an environment is an aspect to be considered.

Adress the varied functions that an office needs

  • For this reason, it is important to address the varied functions that an office needs to perform. This is being accomplished through the creation of alternative work and casual spaces throughout an office to achieve flexibility, collaboration and privacy.
  • Along with typical open floor plan designs, which are perfect to encourage collaboration and interaction, workplaces are now offering flexible work solutions to support mobile work, small group interaction and staff well-being.
  • Lunchrooms are becoming casual living style spaces with casual seating, bar bench seating or games areas where staff can relax away from their desk and interact with others.
  • Breakout spaces and adaptable furniture throughout an office environment provide space where employees can meet in small groups, have a quiet chat one on one or collaborate over a project. These spaces also encourage movement, and can help increase productivity.

The downside

The downside with open plan offices is the lack of privacy and increase in noise. To address this issue there are a range of great solutions on the market and many more continuing to be released. Phone booths (for staff to take/make a quiet call), booth seating (where small groups can meet), acoustic panelling and acoustic hoods are just some of the great designed products that address this privacy and noise issue.

Here at ECF & HFA we are continually evolving with new products and designs to enable our clients’ offices the be effective, enjoyable and productive workspaces.

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