ECF announces the launch of Sedus

05-Jul-2016 | Press

On the back of ecf’s 25th year anniversary, ecf & HFA are breaking new ground in aiding Australian businesses lead in the design of the future office. One that supports its employee’s wellbeing as well as increasing productivity. 
Sedus was founded in 1871 and has been a leader in office furniture since. In fact today Sedus is the number 1 commercial furniture manufacturer in Germany. Sedus’ rich 140 year history has always focused on innovation, and this focus started early on with the first spring mounted swivel chair in Europe designed and manufactured as early as 1925. From that point on Sedus has been researching and predicting future trends of offices with their own and largest research and test lab department in the entire industry established in 1970. Sedus’s philosophy is to create a "Place 2.5 – the new emotional culture of the office". This means an office that allows users to bring “leisure, personal development and stimulation” into the office.
However it is not only the products themselves that captured ecf & HFA’s attention, Sedus is a company that practice what they preach, with a focus on charity and ecology. Sedus has been making careful use of their resources for over 50 years and were doing so before it became “trendy”. They were the first company in their industry in Europe to introduce an environment management and environment-auditing system. In fact Sedus has its own farm on site which is used to feed all employees, making them self-sufficient. Sedus is also a company that believes in giving back, with 50% of profits going back into the company, 40% going to charity and only 10% to shareholders.

Sedus products will be available through ecf & HFA from June

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