Quality Vs Price – Do you get what you pay for?

29-Sep-2016 | Knowledge-Hub

Comparing the construction of one of our winged chairs vs another on the market.

Not all healthcare chairs are made the same and as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. 

In the attached video, Healthcare Furniture Australia (HFA) will be comparing the construction of one of our Australian made winged chairs, against another one found in the market.

We will be stripping down the healthcare chairs, doing a side by side comparison and looking at them from the base up, comparing their structure, use of materials, build quality and workmanship.

We will be discussing the strengths, the weaknesses, the construction and the assembly of both chairs covering all the key areas including back and base support, side bracing, leg fitment and arm & wing construction.

 HFA have released this presentation to help our clients be better informed when next purchasing. You will be amazed at the differences hidden underneath the fabric and surprised at some of the poor workmanship on some of the products that you may be already purchasing.

 Healthcare Furniture Australia and Eastern Commercial Furniture are committed to supplying the highest quality product to provide solutions to our customers’ requirements.

 All of our products for the healthcare, hospital, aged care and commercial industries are built to provide comfort, longevity, aesthetics and value for money.


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