Activity based offices- Inspiring offices

23-Nov-2015 | Press

Martela has completed extensive research into the way that employees work. Considering different levels of privacy and concentration, personality and ways of working, Martela has developed 4 categories of workers that each require a different type of space within the activity based office. This categorising allows an organisation to develop a modern office that is fit for purpose for all its workers. 

Anchors - Carry out daily duties with the majority of their time at their desk.

Connectors- focus on interaction inside the organisation and collaboration.

Collectors- acquire information from outside the organisation but also spend a lot of time at the office.

Navigators- have extensive responsibilities and are usually on the move outside the office. 

Having categorised these types of workers Martela has identified the need for 3 zones that create a balance between privacy and interaction based on the purpose of the work.
These are;

Public zones- which build the brand image and are accessible to all. A good piece to use to create a space like this is the Koop which is an impressive statement piece that has a rotating base allowing for privacy or collaboration, 

Semi public zones- used by invited guests and people within the organisation. The Fly me can be used in this situation, this piece makes a statement for invited guests and creates a collaborative atmosphere for staff and guests to interact.

Private zones- used by personnel only and allows space for tasks that require maximum concentration. For example the Framery which is a sound proof booth that allows staff to conduct meetings over the phone or have sensitive conversations in a small but efficient space that does not take away from the general office space. 

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